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Our brisk cold chamber provides a safe, natural, non-invasive therapeutic program to promote sports therapy performance and recovery, pain management and inflammation reduction, and health & wellness by promoting the body’s natural healing process. 

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sports therapy

anti-aging & skin rejuvination

Athletes have been a driving force behind the growth of whole-body cryotherapy. Game-time or race success is dependent upon their body's ability to train, recover and perform.  WBC provides the most effective and convenient treatment that gives these athletes a competitive advantage.

During Cryotherapy treatment the skin vessels and capillaries undergo a period of vasoconstriction (constriction of blood vessels) followed by vasodilatation (dilation of blood vessels) upon finishing the session. These causes Toxins stored in the layers of the skin to be broken down and flushed away.

Charlestn Restore Wellness

pain management

Cryotherapy is a safe and natural pain therapy that can be customized to your needs, goals and pain issues.  Cryotherapy works for pain by eliciting the body’s “fight or flight” response, which stimulates the production of endorphins, thus decreasing the body’s perception of symptomatic pain.

What can I expect when I decide to use Whole Body Cryotherapy?  The entire process is less than 5 minutes and a staff member will be there the entire time to walk you through the process.  Chill Out Charleston provides all the attire for your therapy. You will be given socks, gloves a robe and slippers to use during your session. 


Once you have changed into our chamber attire you will step into the machine, a platform is raised for your torso to be surrounded by the cold. The torso is where the ThermoReceptors in your skin are most sensitive to temperature changes and most beneficial to treatment.  Once the therapy begins you will feel the cold vapor around you. 


Cold air therapy in the whole body chamber is a dry air -- due to the lack of moisture (humidity) and is not painful like an ice bath or immersion. During the treatment, your skin temperature will decrease over 3 minutes (or less) inside the chamber; however, your core temperature will only lower slightly. You will immediately warm after exiting the chamber, with full range of motion in your muscles and joints, unlike water or ice treatments, where the joints remain stiff for hours.


After a session, most people report an increase in energy with restful sleep that night.

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